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Bubbles and Marquee Events was established in October of 2020, YES during the dreaded COVID year ... which also came with my husband loosing his job and he was the breadwinner. This news came 2 weeks after we had just bought out new home!

 I stayed up all night and sketched a few ideas out I shared them with some family members and they said A RENTAL COMPANY??? IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDMIC??? I remember talking on the phone with one of my good friends and them saying " sounds good Emmy, but what if it does not work?" the only failure here is not doing it I said! So I had a few things built and one thing was  for sure those light up letters where selling out fast and I could not get them made fast enough! With the word out on the street thanks to the DALLAS MORNING NEWS AND SOUTHLAKE STYLES MAGAZINE I was officially in business and I never looked back!

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